Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Go?

  1. After the Mobilization Office receives an Exploring Missions Form from an applicant and they have successfully completed a Cross-Cultural Orientation then they will be considered for available assignments.

  2. Next, the Mobilization Office will work to match the current requests from each field to match with the applicant’s unique skills and interests.

  3. Once a person has been matched to a current request, the individual will be placed in contact with the field. The field will be able to share in detail how the potential assignment will fit with the individual or family’s availability and abilities.

  4. The field communicates their interest in a potential participant with the Mobilization Office. All parties work through the details of the assignment as plans are finalized for the individual or family to go.

Where Can I Serve?

There are opportunities to serve in every region of the world. Here are a few examples:

- Office Assistant in East Africa
- Relational Evangelism in Southern Europe
- Teach English as a Second Language in Asia
- Medical assistance in Micronesia
- Elementary Teacher in Central America
- Theology Professor in southern Africa
- Youth ministries in Europe
- Disaster Relief in United States
- Auto Mechanic in Caribbean
- Bookkeeper in Central America
- Pastor in South Pacific
- Computer programming in Eastern Europe
- Construction in Caribbean
- Work & Witness Coordinator in South or Central America
- Video and Photography in several locations and many more!

Each location is very unique and each applicant has gifts and talents that make the matching process an ever-changing dynamic. The Mobilization Office works with each individual to give personal care in placement.

What Can I Do to Prepare?

  1. Pray continually that God will guide you as you seek His perfect plan for your life! Ask others to commit to praying with you.
  2. Complete and submit an Exploring Missions Form
  3. Register for and attend a Cross-Cultural Orientation
  4. Be open!
  5. Be flexible!

What if I Can Only Go for a Short Time Period?

If you are interested in a short term opportunity, we would encourage you to get involved with a Work & Witness team with your local church or district (up to 3 week trips). You can also contact the W&W Office about joining a W&W team outside of your local area at, or go to the web site at

If you are a college student, check out the opportunities at (6-8 week summer trips).

What is a Tentmaker?

Today, more than 60% of the lost cannot be reached by traditional missionary methods, but they could be exposed to the love of God through the ministry of "tentmaking." The Apostle Paul was a tentmaker by trade. He worked with other tentmakers in Corinth while he evangelized. He used his skills which opened doors to stay in Corinth.

Tentmakers are persons whose secular vocation either leads them to a different culture, or allows them creative access to a "closed" country. They use their job for support, while they share Jesus with those around them. In creative access countries, the Christian witness is shared with maximum discretion. Tentmakers coordinate their efforts with church leadership to help the church and missionaries accomplish their goals.

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